Be encouraged and equipped to become more like Jesus through these audio recordings of our adult Bible classes.

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New Life Series: Disciple

Learn how to experience the new, abundant life Jesus Christ offers when we become His completely devoted followers! This 13 week adult class taught by Dan Hager from December 2018 through February 2019 lays the foundation for living the new life, including:

  1. Following Jesus

  2. Submitting and Praying like Jesus

  3. Loving and Forgiving like Jesus

  4. Encouraging, Comforting, and Serving like Jesus

  5. Seeking and Sharing like Jesus

  6. Making Disciples like Jesus

  7. On to Maturity

  8. Repentance from Dead Works

  9. Faith Toward God

  10. Baptism: Instruction about Washings

  11. The Holy Spirit: Laying on of Hands

  12. The Resurrection from the Dead

  13. Eternal Judgment

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New LIfe Series: GROW!

Abundant living cannot be found by being essentially the same person after baptism as we were before.  God is working through every experience in our lives individually and together as a church to help us become more and more like Jesus.  This 13 week adult class taught by Dan Hager from March through May 2019 will help us recognize how God is at work in our lives for our growth and how we can work together with Him and with one another through:

  1. Looking to Jesus

  2. Hearing and Doing

  3. Active for Growth

  4. Growing through Pain

  5. Growing Together

  6. Growing Up into Christ

  7. Building Up the Body

  8. Worship, with Reverence and Awe

  9. Elders:  Caring for God’s Church

  10. Deacons:  Serving Well

  11. The Work of an Evangelist

  12. Seeking Growth

  13. Achieving Growth